Insurance & Payment

Each of our practitioners is independent and their payment methods vary. Most take insurance for acupuncture and auto accident injury massage therapy.

We would be happy to call insurance to verify your coverage. We know it can be confusing. It’s also helpful for you to be familiar with your insurance in advance and to understand what is covered. To help facilitate your first appointment, here are some specific questions to ask your representative regarding your alternative care coverage.

  • What is my annual maximum for complementary care/acupuncture service?
  • Are my benefits shared with other services (i.e. chiropractic or naturopathic)?
  • Am I limited to a dollar amount or a maximum number of visits?
  • How much coverage or how many visits do I have left?
  • Does my plan run on a calendar year? When does it renew? 
  • Do you need a referring physician or prior authorization?
  • Is there a deductible and if so, how much has been covered so far this year?
  • Is there a co-pay or co-insurance per session, and what amount is it?